wood 047v2



300 cm x 400 cm @ 51 DPI300 cm x 99 cm @ 85 DPI300 cm x 36 cm @ 127 DPI
Size 6000 px x 8000 px (48 Mpx)
Seamless Vertically
Real size 300 cm x 400 cm = 12 m²
9.8 ft x 13.1 ft = 129.2 ft²
Resolution 20 px/cm
50.8 px/inch (DPI)
Size 10000 px x 3300 px (33 Mpx)
Seamless Vertically
Real size 300 cm x 99 cm = 3 m²
9.8 ft x 3.2 ft = 32 ft²
Resolution 33.3 px/cm
84.7 px/inch (DPI)
Size 15000 px x 1800 px (27 Mpx)
Seamless Vertically
Real size 300 cm x 36 cm = 1.1 m²
9.8 ft x 1.2 ft = 11.6 ft²
Resolution 50 px/cm
127 px/inch (DPI)


Botanical Name

Pericopsis elata van Meeuwen, Afrormosia elata Harms.; family: Leguminosae Papilionatae

Trade Names

Kokrodua, Afrormosia, Asamela, Mohole


In the decoration area as solid wood and veneer for Teak, by constructions for Doussi.

Indigenous to

Tropical West- and Centralafrica: Ivory Coast, Ghana, Cameroon, Nigeria, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Zaire, Central African Republic


The sapwood is nearly white, very narrow and yellowed. In contrast the heartwood is good deposited, yellowish-green, brownish to olive-coloured, later it turns darker on dark-yellow to tawny. The pores are medium-sized, scattered and fairly numerous. Growth zones are not clearly visible. The wood is decorative and frequently forms narrow and regular stripes. It is lowly slipping and hard. The direction of grain is with irregular twist, often caused a regular and narrow stripes of brilliance, which illuminate the matt-finished wood a light gold-tone.

Included Accessories

  • Material
    Maxwell Render™ (3.1+) mxm
  • Material
    Corona Renderer™ (3ds Max™) mat


  • Free Texture

    Low-res sample (3000px x 360px)

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