Distinctiveness with timeless appeal – Exotic veneers play an increasingly important role in traditional as well as in contemporary design, where a simplification of form results in a greater emphasis on surface texture and color.

The manufacturing of wood veneers takes great skill as well as experience. Similarly, the creation of textures out of such veneers is a very time and resources consuming task.

Focusing on exotic woods, this remastered edition of the second part in our veneers series complements the European veneers of the first part. All maps have been recreated using our current processing techniques. The result is an indispensable collection which is unique in its versatility and quality.

Main Features

Veneer Textures

99 multi-layered, large-scale textures for 33 veneer species & treatments


Now remastered for physically-based rendering


Ready-to-use material settings for Corona Renderer™ and Maxwell Render™



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Why this remaster?

Our original Wood Veneers series was released between 2008 and 2010 to great success. It is still the most complete and, in our opinion, best collection of wood textures on the market. But a lot has changed since then in the 3D visualization business. Unbiased rendering gained market dominance which lead to a much greater focus on physical realism in general. Even in real-time visualization, physically based rendering is now a common approach.

We have also learned a lot in the past years and developed new methods and techniques to capture materials and create textures that allow for photo-real rendering results. We therefore decided to use that knowledge and experience to produce an updated version of our veneer collection; to bring the textures up-to-date with our current workflow and the standard of quality for which we aim.


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What’s new?

Color-accurate diffuse maps

The scanning process we originally used to produce these veneer textures didn’t allow for truly color-accurate results. Some of the original diffuse maps can appear over-saturated when used with current rendering techniques. To fix that, we used our current color-accurate scanning process to re-capture original veneer samples and use them as a reference to re-balance the color information of all diffuse maps.

Diffuse Map (Varnished)
Diffuse Map (Raw)
Normal Map
Bump Map
Specular Map
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New & Improved Maps

The updated version of the textures includes normal maps to better reproduce the fine surface detail in wood grain. These maps were also created from the re-captured reference samples.

The updated reflectivity maps now follow the absolute scale for physical materials (adjusted to IOR 1.5) and can therefore be used as-is in physically-based rendering.

Untreated version of the diffuse map

In addition to finished veneer samples, we also scanned untreated samples, which allowed us to create an accurate ‘raw’ version of the diffuse map for every veneer. This map can be useful when recreating different kinds of less saturation/contrast enhancing finishes.

New ready-to-use materials

We have included ready-to-use material setups for Corona Renderer™ (for 3ds Max™ 2017+), as well as Maxwell Render™ (3.1+). There is a raw, satin, gloss, oiled* and waxed* version for every veneer (*Corona only).

Materials setups for other software following soon! Let us know below which we should prioritize.

What hasn’t changed?

Included are the same 33 veneer species and types. The maps real-world size and resolution are unchanged. All maps remain therefore compatible with the original versions, should you prefer them over the new ones.

Exotic Veneers

The collection contains large-scale veneer textures of 33 wood species from Africa, Asia, Australia and the Middle East, such as:

Afara, Afrormosia, Afzelia, Amazakou, Aningeria, Antiaris, Bamboo, Blue Gum, Bubinga, Lebanon Cedar, Macassar Ebony, Freijo, Gedu Nohor, Guarea, Iroko, Lati, Mahogany, Makore, Mansonia, Merbau, Moabi, Okoume, Olive, Padauk, Pterygota, Rosewood, Sapele, Satinwood, Sen, Teak, African Walnut, Wenge and Zebrano.

Wood #1, Size vs. Resolution

Area vs. Resolution

Each of these consists of three textures sets with different real-world size and resolution:

  • approx. 3m x 4m (10ft x 13ft) at 51dpi (6000px x 8000px)
  • approx. 3m x 1m (10ft x 3ft) at 85dpi (10000px x 3300px)
  • approx. 3m x 0.3m (10ft x 1ft) at 127dpi (15000px x 1800px)

Because of these different scale variations, the textures can be used in a very broad range of applications – from large-scale wall paneling down to furniture close-ups.


  • Reference Guide – Veneers-CE

    Reference guide book for Wood Veneers – Complete Edition, 121 pages.

    pdf | 23.9 MB – Download



  • 99 multi-layered textures
  • Map resolution 48, 33 and 27 megapixel
  • Each with diffuse (raw+finished), normal, bump and reflectivity map (495 maps in total)
  • All maps in lossless compressed PNG format (sRGB-24, sGray-8)
  • Ready-to-use material setups for Corona Renderer™ (for 3ds Max™ 2017+) and MaxwellRender™ (3.1+)


  • Cardboard case, containing 5 DVD
  • Size: 13.5 x 19 x 2.2 cm
  • Weight: 290g