wood 067v2



300 cm x 400 cm @ 51 DPI300 cm x 99 cm @ 85 DPI300 cm x 36 cm @ 127 DPI
Size 6000 px x 8000 px (48 Mpx)
Seamless Vertically
Real size 300 cm x 400 cm = 12 m²
9.8 ft x 13.1 ft = 129.2 ft²
Resolution 20 px/cm
50.8 px/inch (DPI)
Size 10000 px x 3300 px (33 Mpx)
Seamless Vertically
Real size 300 cm x 99 cm = 3 m²
9.8 ft x 3.2 ft = 32 ft²
Resolution 33.3 px/cm
84.7 px/inch (DPI)
Size 15000 px x 1800 px (27 Mpx)
Seamless Vertically
Real size 300 cm x 36 cm = 1.1 m²
9.8 ft x 1.2 ft = 11.6 ft²
Resolution 50 px/cm
127 px/inch (DPI)


Botanical Name

Aucoumea klaineana Pierre., Boswellia klaineana Pierre. (Fam. Burseraceae)

Trade Names

Gabun, Okoume, Gaboon, Okoumé, Anguma, Picus mahogany


Of the numerous tries to replace Okoum…

Indigenous to

West Africa: South Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Democratic Republic of the Congo


The sapwood is light grey and 3-5 cm wide. The wood is light to medium hard; the sapwood is narrow and grey. The pores are medium-sized to rough, scattered, often single and without innerfilling. The direction of grain is slightly contorted. The wood is pressure-resistant, elastic not very thick, good to handle, but difficult to split, and thereby fairly resistant. For the most part only slight and irregular alternating spiral occur. Growth layers on cross-section by darker summerwood and on rotary cut veneers often visible as broad and proceeded flat.

Included Accessories

  • Material
    Maxwell Render™ (3.1+) mxm
  • Material
    Corona Renderer™ (3ds Max™) mat


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    Low-res sample (2900px x 380px)

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