wood 058v2

Gedu Nohor


300 cm x 300 cm @ 58 DPI300 cm x 76 cm @ 97 DPI300 cm x 26 cm @ 152 DPI
Size 6800 px x 6800 px (46.2 Mpx)
Seamless Vertically
Real size 300 cm x 300 cm = 9 m²
9.8 ft x 9.8 ft = 96.9 ft²
Resolution 22.7 px/cm
57.6 px/inch (DPI)
Size 11500 px x 2900 px (33.4 Mpx)
Seamless Vertically
Real size 300 cm x 76 cm = 2.3 m²
9.8 ft x 2.5 ft = 24.5 ft²
Resolution 38.3 px/cm
97.4 px/inch (DPI)
Size 18000 px x 1550 px (27.9 Mpx)
Seamless Vertically
Real size 300 cm x 26 cm = 0.8 m²
9.8 ft x 0.9 ft = 8.4 ft²
Resolution 60 px/cm
152.4 px/inch (DPI)


Botanical Name

Entandrophragma angolense C. DC., Entandrophragma macrophyllum A. Chev. (Fam. Meliaceen)

Trade Names

Tiama, Gedu Nohor, Kalungi, Edinam


veneer: for African Mahogany, Omu, Sapele, American Mahogany and Dibetou; solid wood: for Red Meranti and African Mahogany

Indigenous to

tropical West- and Central Africa: Angola, Equatorial Guinea, Ivory Coast, Gabon, Ghana, Cameroon, Congo, Liberia, Nigeria, Uganda, Zaire, Central African Republic


Broad (4 to 10 cm), reddish-grey sapwood, heart good deposited and a little darker from light red to reddish brown, sometimes violet toned, similar to mahogany and turns darker after some time. Pores are rough and scattered. The wood is medium-hard and shrinks moderately. Wood rays are fine, only good visible as small mirrors on radial areas. Storage cells on cross-sections define as bright, very small strap the growth layers, which are only noticeable with the loupe on plain areas. Direction of grain with different strong distinctive irregular twist, partly causing a narrow and very regular glamour-stripes.

Included Accessories

  • Material
    Maxwell Render™ (3.1+) mxm
  • Material
    Corona Renderer™ (3ds Max™) mat


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