wood 031v2

Plane, European


300 cm x 400 cm @ 51 DPI300 cm x 99 cm @ 85 DPI300 cm x 36 cm @ 127 DPI
Size 6000 px x 8000 px (48 Mpx)
Seamless Vertically
Real size 300 cm x 400 cm = 12 m²
9.8 ft x 13.1 ft = 129.2 ft²
Resolution 20 px/cm
50.8 px/inch (DPI)
Size 10000 px x 3300 px (33 Mpx)
Seamless Vertically
Real size 300 cm x 99 cm = 3 m²
9.8 ft x 3.2 ft = 32 ft²
Resolution 33.3 px/cm
84.7 px/inch (DPI)
Size 15000 px x 1800 px (27 Mpx)
Seamless Vertically
Real size 300 cm x 36 cm = 1.1 m²
9.8 ft x 1.2 ft = 11.6 ft²
Resolution 50 px/cm
127 px/inch (DPI)


Botanical Name

Platanus acerifolia Willd. (Fam. Platanaceae)

Trade Names

Ahornblättrige Platane, Platanier, Sycamore, Platano, Europees platanen, European plane


Indigenous to

Europe, with the exception of North- and Northeast Europe


The sapwood and the heartwood are not sharply divided. The sapwood is not very broad and a little lighter than the heartwood, which is reddish to pale blue, although some trunks have been found to have a darker heart. When the wood is steamed, it is ruby colored when freshly cut, and turns darker to brownish a little bit later. With the cross-section cut, the wood rays of the annual rings stand out. The European Plane is similar to the European Beech in this way. Its structure is straight grained, sometimes also wavy; the texture is very fine and constant. The growth layers are distinguishable.

Included Accessories

  • Material
    Maxwell Render™ (3.1+) mxm
  • Material
    Corona Renderer™ (3ds Max™) mat


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