This collection contains 50 high-resolution flooring texture. Every texture consists of diffuse-, bump and reflectivity map – all available in lossless-compressed format (PNG24 / PNG8).

Main Features


50 multi-layered flooring textures


Each textures consists of diffuse, bump and specular map


All maps as losslessly compressed PNG files


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  • Wood Flooring Volume One – MaxwellRender 2.x

    Material settings for ‘Wood Flooring – Volume One’, compatible with MaxwellRender™ 2.x

    rar | 2.86 MB – Download


  • 50 multi-layered textures
  • Area covered on average approx. 25m²; over 1100m² in total
  • Map resolution around 36 megapixel (e.g. 6000px x 6000px)
  • Each texture consists of diffuse, bump and reflectivity map (157 maps total)
  • All maps tile perfectly
  • All maps come as lossless compressed PNG files – 4.1GB in total