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wood 028v2

Oak, Old


260 cm x 402 cm @ 54 DPI260 cm x 102 cm @ 90 DPI260 cm x 34 cm @ 142 DPI
Size 5500 px x 8500 px (46.8 Mpx)
Seamless Vertically
Real size 260 cm x 402 cm = 10.5 m²
8.5 ft x 13.2 ft = 112.5 ft²
Resolution 21.2 px/cm
53.7 px/inch (DPI)
Size 9200 px x 3600 px (33.1 Mpx)
Seamless Vertically
Real size 260 cm x 102 cm = 2.7 m²
8.5 ft x 3.3 ft = 28.5 ft²
Resolution 35.4 px/cm
89.9 px/inch (DPI)
Size 14500 px x 1900 px (27.6 Mpx)
Seamless Vertically
Real size 260 cm x 34 cm = 0.9 m²
8.5 ft x 1.1 ft = 9.5 ft²
Resolution 55.8 px/cm
141.7 px/inch (DPI)

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Included In

You can buy this texture as part of Wood – Volume One.



Botanical Name

Quercus spp. (Fam. Fagaceae)

Trade Names


Indigenous to

Europe to Asia Minor; both Oak species are missing in Central- and North Scandinavia, nearly throughout Finland, West- Central- and South Spain


similar in appearance to the European Oak; Matured timber can be 100 to 500 years old since its first usage in construction. It is very hard and dry but does not shrink. If you make allowance for the use of matured timber on constructive wood preservation, neither paint coating nor chemical timber will be necessary for long lifespan. Because of its exceptional hardness the production of veneers from matured timber is especially complex and is subject to great experience.

Included Accessories

  • Material
    Corona™ (3ds Max™ 2022+) mat
  • Material
    VRay™ (3ds Max™ 2022+) mat
  • Material
    Maxwell Render™ (3.1+) mxm


  • Free Texture

    Low-res sample (2900px x 380px)

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