The theme of this collection is natural stone masonry and pavement. It contains 60 unique multi-layered hi-res textures (each consisting of diffuse, displacement and specularity map), covering a total area of over 1700m².

Main Features


60 multi-layered stonework and masonry textures

Large Area

Area covered by textures up to 80m²


Each texture consists of diffuse, bump/displacement and specular map

Stonework #1, DVD Box


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  • Reference Guide – Stonework-1

    Reference guide book for Stonework – Volume One, 62 pages.

    pdf | 21.4 MB – Download


  • 60 multi-layered textures
  • Area covered between 10m² and 80m²; over 1700m² in total
  • Map resolution around 36 megapixel (e.g. 6000px x 6000px)
  • Each with diffuse, specularity and displacement/bump map (187 maps total)
  • All maps tile perfectly
  • All maps come as lossless compressed PNG files
  • 7.6 GB in total
  • Texture reference guide (PDF format)