This collection is all about concrete – the marble of the 20th century, as it has derisively been called. Whatever your attitude towards concrete may be, it is undoubtedly still the most important building material of our age.

The collection contains 50 multi-layered high-res textures, each consisting of diffuse, bump and specularity map.

Main Features


50 multy-layered concrete textures

Large Area

25m² on average covered by each texture


All maps in losslessly compressing PNG format

Concrete #1, DVD Box


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Included Textures


All textures

View all included textures, along with all specifications and accessories. Download a free low-res version of every texture!


  • Reference Guide – Concrete-1

    Reference guide book for Concrete – Volume One, 52 pages.

    pdf | 12.7 MB – Download


  • 50 multi-layered textures
  • Area covered on average approx. 25m²; over 1100m² in total
  • Map resolution around 36 megapixel (e.g. 6000px x 6000px)
  • Each with diffuse, specular and bump map (153 maps total)
  • All maps tile perfectly
  • All maps come as losslessly compressed PNG files
  • Texture reference guide (PDF format)