What do notations like “_b030 or _s050-(g025)” in map filenames mean?

What do notations like “_b030 or _s050-(g025)” in map filenames mean?

Although we don’t do so anymore (for various reasons), in the past we used a special notation for texture map filenames to include recommended settings for individual maps.

We understand, that this naming convention for map files can seem confusing at first glance. Here is how to read them:

  • Every notation consists of a character specifying the channel, sometimes followed by a three-digit number giving a numerical setting. – x###
  • The first notation gives the primary purpose of a map. – name_x###
  • For some map several purposes might be specified. – _x###_y###_z###
  • Parenthesis remark a fixed value. – (x###)


D – Diffuse color, B – Bump, N – Normals, P – Displacement, S – Specularity, G – Glossiness, R – Reflectivity, O – Opacity, A – Anisotropy.

Some examples

  • d: This is the diffuse color map of the texture.
  • b030: This is the bump map; the recommended strength is 30%.
  • s050: The specularity map; the recommended strength is 50%.
  • (g025): Instead of a map, you may specify a fixed glossiness value of 25%.
  • p010: The displacement map; real-world relief depth is 10mm.

With this notation you can see directly what a map is, how it relates to other maps and what recommended setting are – all without the need to consult the reference guide or texture browser.