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Our Licensing Models

Before you put a product into your shopping cart, you will have to decide which of the following four licensing models to choose:

Single User License

This model allows for the use of the licensed material by one person. Choose this option if you are a freelancer or hobbyist or if you can be sure that you will be the only person using the product within a larger company.

Team License

This model allows for the use of the licensed material by up to five users within one company or other type of enterprise. This option is ideal for groups of freelancers or small production teams.

Site License

This model allows for the use of the licensed material by an unlimited number of users within the same company or enterprise at a single site (i.e. one building, campus or street address).

Educational License

This model allows for simultaneous use of the licensed material by up to 50 students or members of the teaching staff within a single educational institution. Any commercial use beyond a purely educational purpose is prohibited.


Terms of Use


You may copy all licensed content to a local hard drive, including local network attached storage.

You may not store any licensed material in a way that would allow indiscriminate access to said material beyond the scope of the license model chosen (see above).


You may use all licensed material for any commercial purpose and in any way you wish, e.g. 3D rendering, real-time visualization, illustration, image manipulation etc.

We do not reserve any rights on works created using our products. There are no royalties charged, conditions attached or limits imposed.

You may not, however, make the licensed material available to others in a way not in accordance with the limitation as stated below.


You may redistribute (i.e. make it available to third parties) original licensed material in digital form as long as the following conditions are met:

  • Textures: You may redistribute unmodified textures in resolutions of up to 1k (e.g. 1024px x 1024px), only in JPEG format and only as part of other primary content (e.g. software, 3d models, tutorials etc.)
  • Material settings: You may redistribute material settings (e.g. .mxm files, .mat files etc.) without restrictions, as long as the associated map files, if included, meet the conditions as laid out above.
  • 3D models: Mesh data (e.g. .max files, .obj files etc.) may not be redistributed in any way or form.
  • All other content may be freely redistributed as long as not stated otherwise.

Read the full End User License Agreement (EULA)

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